First Draft is Complete!

Yes, you’re read correctly. The first draft, though I’ve been editing as I go, of my manuscript for The Keepers of Eire is complete. I typed “The End” at 5:30 p.m. California time. I even had to make a brief stop at Office Depot to reload my favorite pen’s ink. There’s a story there that my writer friends know all about. If anyone’s interested, you can check out the blog on CWC Tri-Valley’s website at:

I’m ready to lift a pint in celebration.



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3 responses to “First Draft is Complete!

  1. Jordan,
    Celebration time for you and all of us who are pulling for this to be a bestseller.

  2. WHOO! You rock, Jordan! The next pint is on me to celebrate.

  3. Julaina

    Hurray!!! The End must feel so great. I’ll toast you with my water.

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