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May 10

Yesterday, I said I’d post twice, but all the driving I’ve done (over 1300 km) finally caught up to me. I spent a leisurely day hiking Diamond Peak(445 km) in Connemara National Park, County Galway. The park covers 2,000 hectares of scenic mountains, expanses of bogs, heather, grasslands, and woodlands. Some of the park’s mountains, Benbaun, Bencullagh, Benbrack-to name a few-are part of the famous Twelve Bens or Beanna Beola range.

Then I took the harrowing journey up Sky Road-starts at the town of Clifden and travels up and around to the top of the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This drive is mostly on a gravel road that is no wider than one car with a long dropoff on one side and vegetation and rock on the other. One place to park, take photos, and settle your nerves.

I arranged lodging at Dan O’Hara’s Farmhouse and was treated to their Heritage & History Center in which I saw Dan O’Hara’s pre-potato famine homestead (two room cottage-considered posh & roomy in the 1840’s) and a terf cutting demonstration.

Thatched-roof cottage- part of Dan O’Hara’s Farmhouse.

Tomorrow, I’ll view Ballynahinch Lake where the 3rd murder in “The Keepers of Eire’ takes place. I’ll also stay the night at Ballynahinch Castle.


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