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The Burren and Connemara -End of Week 1

Today I backtracked just a bit and dropped off a copy of The Keepers of Eire to Lehinch’s sister shop in Ennis. Then I headed to The Burren, and Poulnabrone, where the second dragon and rider murder takes place.


Here is more unique limestone formations found in The Burren (guess who wanted to tag along?)



I met Thomas, who crafts unique Ogham script jewelry and other pieces. He is an artist in many forms including poetry. We exchanged a necklace that says Jordan in the ancient glyph for my book.

Next up, one of my favorite places-Ballynahinch Castle. But first, I needed to stop into O’Dalaigh Jewellers in Clifden to see Jonathan (he’s in the novel). The shop was quite busy, but I managed to purchase a couple things and chat with him. Forgot to get a photo though, perhaps tomorrow.
Here is the view from my room at Ballynahinch Castle-I have a river-level terrace.


Dinner in the bar was fabulous with a ribeye cooked to perfection, and for dessert-three samples of crime brûlée and a wee dram of oh-so-smooth Connemara whiskey. More from the lovely grounds here tomorrow. (The site of the third murder). The sun has set about an hour ago (9:30).


July 16, 2014 · 2:10 pm

May 7, 2011

I left the big city of Cork behind and headed north to Blarney Castle-you guessed it, I kissed the Blarney Stone. I hope this means that everything I write using voice recognition software will be a smashing success.

You can even see the rain drops.

The assistant moves very quick, he pulled me away before the new friend I made climbing to the top could take the picture of me actually kissing the stone. We were told they do this so they can sell their photo to you after you climb down for 10 euro. (I did buy their photo as it was quite good, but you can’t see my face). When I get home, I’ll scan and post it. If the book gets picked up by an agent or editor, I may use that photo as the author photo, ha ha.

I then proceeded to Bunratty Castle & Folk Park, where I toured another castle and a living reconstruction of the homes and environment of Ireland over a century ago. There were peat fires burning (quite a strong, woodsy smell) in the hearths and thatched roof dwellings, a doctor’s house with the surgery set up in the front parlor, a school house with wooden bench desks and inkwell holes, and many types of animals.

Including this summer-trimmed Irish Wolfhound

I arrived in Ennis, or more accurately, the tiny village of Quin in the evening just ahead of a lashing rain.

Tomorrow I will backtrack some to Lough Gur, one of Ireland’s most extensive archeological sites and the Tuatha Clan compound for Munster & Connaught dragons and their riders. While the clan compound is fictional, there is an actual lake, stone circles, tombs, fort rings, and foundations from several neolithic huts. Fascinating. Till then…

p.s. I saw my first hillside covered with stone walls separating each field, but I couldn’t pull over to take a photo as the traffic was traveling at 100 Km/h on a narrow one lane each direction road. Will try again tomorrow.


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