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In Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

shamrock-149821__340Want to celebrate “being Irish”, even if you’re only Irish for one day? Would you like to get a taste of Éire, but can’t afford the travel expenses? Immerse yourself in this mystical, magical land as you journey with Christian and Devan in The Keepers of Éire as they discover their destinies, the truth of dragons, and the depths of honor and loyalty to which people will go to protect the ones they love. The Keepers of Éire

As I did last year, I’ll once again offer a St. Patrick’s Day (weekend, actually) special on the ebook editions of my fantasy novels, The Keepers of Éire, The Keepers of Éire-YA Edition, and Reluctant Paladin. Readers will be transported to the lush, rolling hills, spectacular stone circles, and bustling cities of Ireland. Oh, and don’t forget—dragons!

Newly released for readers ages 8 +, Reluctant Paladin takes place during the same timeframe as The Keepers of Éire, along with some of the main characters. Yet this is a stand-alone, unique story.

All ten-year-old Niall wants is to stay out of trouble at his new school, but the school bully has other ideas. Now Niall must protect a centuries-old secret—dragons really do exist!

The St. Patrick’s Day ebook sale will begin Thursday (March 15, 2018). Hurry to get your copy here. And as an independent author, I’d really appreciate your reviews/feedback on Amazon and Goodreads.

Enjoy the read. Let your imagination take flight! Sláinte!

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Other Writings

In keeping up with my writing goals for 2012, I have taken a short hiatus from the manuscript over the past week+. Well, not a complete work stoppage. In addition to submitting a First Line piece that also works as a flashback scene in the novel, I sent 9 photographs from my Europe trip and another prose piece to Las Positas College 2012 anthology, and a first person Tiny Lights submission. The Tiny Lights submission was an exceedingly emotional piece about when I learned of my dad’s death and how I have changed in the twenty years since. This type of writing, vastly different than my usual style, stretched my emotional storytelling to its limit. I intend to implement what I learned to write more powerful and emotional scenes.

I want to send a quick shout out to my friends and fellow writers in my editing class for all your encouragement and advice. Thanks.

Now, back to The Keepers of Éire with Devan and Christian, the Tuatha Dragon Clan, and a killer in pursuit of the dragon magic.


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