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Trip DVD is ready

Eureka!! It must have been the offerings to the chocolate donut gods (thanks Lani & Marlene). I was finally able to figure out why the DVD of my photos and video clips from the trip wouldn’t burn- the menu screen had animation that kept the DVD from encoding. Once I stopped the animation, I was rewarded with a freshly burned DVD (believe me, this was a good thing).

So, to recap: I whittled down over 3500 photos and 50 video clips to a more respectable DVD slide show (complete with music) and short video clips of all three locations (Ireland, Scotland, & England). And, the whole show is just under one hour.

Tea & biscuits, anyone? How about tea & Scottish whisky? Or Guinness? For all my friends close by, I’ll send out some invites for the viewing party. We’ll probably need a few different days and times to accommodate everyone.

Slainte mhath! (To your very good health!)

Me and Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland


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