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Crunchy numbers

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

In 2012, there were 9 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 39 posts. There were 11pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 34 MB. That’s about a picture per month.

The busiest day of the year was April 9th with 55views. The most popular post that day was May 9.


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One Year Ago

One year ago I boarded a United Airlines / Aer Lingus flight from San Francisco to Dublin, Ireland via Boston. Over the course of the next three weeks (2 weeks in Ireland, 4 days in Scotland, 4 days in England) I fell in love. Well, I fell MORE in love. Having spent the previous two years researching as much as I could about Ireland for my novel, The Keepers of Éire, I had already fallen in love with the lands of some of my ancestors. Specifically, my Irish ancestors: the Crowley’s and my Scottish ancestors: the McKay’s.

Someday I’d like to visit more of Europe, to see my mother’s side—the Holland’s and Stickney’s. And, of course, Spain for the Bernal’s. But that is for later.

I’ve learned so much this past year: about Ireland, the places my characters travel to, the writing process (write, write, write, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite), and my own writing habits. I’ve learned that I’m not just a fantasy writer, but a Writer. I write whatever I am inspired to write, including personal narrative and poetry. I’ve learned that sharing my love of my story with others and my travels inspires me to work harder, to write more. I’ve learned to let go when my characters divert from my idea of the storyline and allow them to tell their story. This is hard for me—the organized, outline following, meticulous planner. Okay, anal.

I loved Ireland. The spectacular and historical places I visited, the mystical stone dances and ruins, the vibrant cities, the festive pubs with their soul-touching music, and the incredibly wonderful people. The images are forever imprinted in my memory. Along with my computer’s (over 3500 photos and video clips). I do have the DVD I compiled, though only a few have seen it. I promise, I have it and hope to have viewings at some point. I only hope I do justice to the land and people of my ancestry with The Keepers of Éire.

One year age: the airplane doors closed. I sat anxiously in my seat by the window, and wondered what the next few weeks would reveal to me. My heart beat with excitement and wonder.

My life changed when I started writing this story.

And, I fell in love.


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Trip DVD is ready

Eureka!! It must have been the offerings to the chocolate donut gods (thanks Lani & Marlene). I was finally able to figure out why the DVD of my photos and video clips from the trip wouldn’t burn- the menu screen had animation that kept the DVD from encoding. Once I stopped the animation, I was rewarded with a freshly burned DVD (believe me, this was a good thing).

So, to recap: I whittled down over 3500 photos and 50 video clips to a more respectable DVD slide show (complete with music) and short video clips of all three locations (Ireland, Scotland, & England). And, the whole show is just under one hour.

Tea & biscuits, anyone? How about tea & Scottish whisky? Or Guinness? For all my friends close by, I’ll send out some invites for the viewing party. We’ll probably need a few different days and times to accommodate everyone.

Slainte mhath! (To your very good health!)

Me and Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland


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June 2 – Home


Sorry to be so far behind in posting. As you probably guessed, I’m home. Trying to get back into the swing of things after the three week trip, battling a nasty cough, and dealing with the passing of my grandmother while I was away.

I am sorting through the roughly 3500 photos and 40 video clips I shot to put together a streamlined dvd presentation.

Also, I need to get back to writing, and rewriting some scenes based on my findings on the trip! My measure of success is in knowing I will be telling my story as accurately as possible.

Thanks so much for following me on this incredible journey. I hope to continue blogging as I write, so check back often.

For those wonderful people I met along my journey: Thanks for making my experience such a fulfilling one. Keep in touch.


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London – May 22

Internet access is spotty here as I have to go somewhere and carry everything, so I’ll only do a quick London highlight post for now. I took a tour out to Bath (town where the Roman Bath’s are located), the village of Lacock (used for movie sets, Harry Potter, etc), and ending with Stonehenge (where our small group were able to enter the boundary line and walk among the stones). AWESOME!!!!! How else to describe? OMG.

Slughorn’s house in Harry Potter 6

Feel the Power

Stonehenge at Sunset

More later.


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