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Hill of Tara and back to Dublin for my birthday

What a spectacular day in Ireland. I spent the morning with the Lia Fail (the Stone of Destiny). The sun was shining and at the Hill of Tara I could see not quite all of Ireland.


Here are some Celtic Crosses at the church that is part of the hill.




Look who joined me at Lia Fail


And I’ll leave you with one more-a worthy quote for all writers.


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July 22, 2014 · 11:49 am

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Please check out the video of my poem and photographs entitled: Coming Home: To The Place Where I Belong



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2012 Blog Information

Crunchy numbers

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

In 2012, there were 9 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 39 posts. There were 11pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 34 MB. That’s about a picture per month.

The busiest day of the year was April 9th with 55views. The most popular post that day was May 9.


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15 & 16 May 2011

This is my last full day in Ireland. I strolled along the River Liffey toward the docks. I passed many bridges over the Liffey of unique design.

I also saw the Famine Memorial. Very touching. I mention this event in ‘The Keepers of Eire’ as a catalyst for the dragons to take human partners.

The city is bustling with preparations for the Queen Mum’s visit which starts Tuesday until Friday. Thankfully, I won’t be there, as I wouldn’t be able to get close enough to see her anyway.

So, I’ve had trouble the last day or so of accessing the Internet, even at places like O’Neill’s where I’ve accessed before. I was walking back to try a few posh hotels, when much to my surprise, I found a free WiFi Internet. Bet you can’t guess where?  Give up?? McDonald’s. Yep, that’s right, the golden arches (although, there are no arches here, golden or otherwise). That’s how I posted last.

This post is actually from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. It is 5:30 pm and I’ve checked in to my room at the Travelodge and have paid for Internet service for my time here in Scotland.

But, I digress- last night I spent my final night at The Celt Pub just next door to wherre I’m staying. The craic was raucous. There were many people in town for the Queen’s visit, including several from Belfast in Northern Ireland. The prevailing hope is nothing unsavory will happen during the visit-Ireland’s economy is still teetering and if anything happened the country might never recover. Lots of money (8 million euro) has been spent on this visit. The up side is that Ireland’s greatest tourism comes from the UK, so the visit could boost the tourism economy here. The people are hopeful, yet wary, of the Queen’s visit and Pres. Obama’s next week.

Check out the crowd at The Celt pub. I have some great video clips, but I can’t post here.

Well, I’m off to see a bit of Edinburgh and find me some grub.


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May 12 to 14, 2011

As you guessed, I have been without Internet access for several days. Here’s a rundown.

May 12: I left Ballynahinch Lake and County Galway, passed through County Mayo and stopped in County Sligo. The setting for the fourth murder, Mary and her dragon, is here in Carrowmore-a bronze age cemetery. This is a cairn-the only one in the cemetary, inside is a dolmen.

The cemetary also has a stone circle. This is the location on Mary’s murder, within the circle, near the Whitethorn-or-Hawthorne tree.

Since Sligotown was hours away from County Meath and my final few locations, I decided to push onward and made it into Kells for the night. Yes, Kells, where the monks wrote the Book of Kells (currently on display in Trinity College, Dublin).

May 13: Today I toured Newgrange-where all my murder victims’ bodies have been placed. This site and Knowth and Dowth are along the River Boyne and are over 5000 years old. That’s 500 years older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt and 1000 years older than Stonehenge in Great Britain (which I will see next week).

Entrance Stone

I drove back north somewhat to Loughcrew Cairn. The general area here is another Tuatha Dragon Clan compound in the book. This cairn is at the top of a hill (don’t know the height, but it’s quite a hike) overlooking many valleys with farms and forests.

Cairn at Loughcrew, County Meath

May 14: Today is my last day touring with the car. I toured the Hill of Tara, the legendary seat of Irish Kings. In ‘The Keepers of Eire’, the Tuatha Dragon Clan celebrate Beltaine here and hopefully the partnering of Devan and Christian with their respective dragons. But will the ceremony proceed, or will the murderer be victorious?

The Stone of Destiny is prominately featured on the mound next to the Mound of the Hostages. On a clear day (which I did not have) you can see more than half of Ireland from atop the Mound of the Hostages.

Back into Dublin and I finally got to tour the Guinness Storehouse (remember on 4 May I tried, but was thwarted due to a bomb threat). The tour was interesting and I sat with my pint in the Gravity Bar at the top of the Guinness Storehouse. There guests have a 360 degree view of Dublin. This view shows maybe 1/10 of the room.

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I’m Here!!!

I’vre made it. A narrow flight window in Boston made for interesting times, but I made it. Arrived in Ireland about 8am local time, went to hotel, Celtic Lodge, checked in, then went sightseeing. Got a 2 day pass on a Dublin hop-on/hop-off bus. Took the whole tour (1 1/2 hours) then on to Trinity College. At Trinity, I took the Book of Kells and Long Room tour. Unfortunately, no pictures inside allowed, but I have a postcard that I can scan when I return home. Saw St. Stephen’s Green then had a Galway Hooker (pint of Irish Craft Beer by that name) . By the time I had dinner, I was so tired, I almost fell asleep in my Irish Stew.

Trinity College Long Room and Book of Kells


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