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3 Poems I Want to Share

The first poem I’d like to share is in honor of the 9/11/2001 victims and their loved ones. It is a nonet poem: 9 lines with first line having 9 syllables, then 8 syllables, on down to 1 syllable.

photo. REUTERS/Sean Adair


Nineteen years ago—I will not forget

Too many lives lost, needlessly

What happened to our resolve?

Voices shout—more conflict!

Freedom isn’t free

Allow ideas

Listen more

Hold dear


The next two poems are from my proud American soul. And while I write novels set in places other than America, I am very proud and thankful to be an American.


Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom

Not just because of tea taxes and boredom

Or an act thought of as random

Conscripted our Constitution for our freedom


The opposite of captivity

Not just for the nobility

Think of the possibility

Honor your responsibility

Put an end to the hostility

Not only for posterity

But to live with civility

After all, our troops fight for our liberty!

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The Keepers of Alba (Celtic Dragonriders book 2) Cover Reveal

I’ve been busy finishing the second book in my Celtic Dragonrider series, The Keepers of Alba. The writing and editing are finally done, so . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . here is a sneak peek at the cover.

Adobe Photoshop PDF


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Author Showcase at Dublin Library

 On Saturday, June 9, 2018, the Dublin Library (that’s Dublin, California) hosted a local author showcase for fifteen authors. Tri-Valley Writers co-sponsored the event where authors displayed their books, talked to the public, and sold books. There was a wide variety of genres represented, as well as multicultural and multigenerational authors. I met some eager readers and wonderful authors.

Here I am behind my table where I have my fantasy novels (The Keepers of Éire, The Keepers of Éire-YA Edition, and Reluctant Paladin) and, of course, several of my dragons from my collection.

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Sneak Peek Reluctant Paladin Cover

Here is a sneak peek of the front cover of my middle-grade spinoff novel, Reluctant Paladin. I am in the final round of proofreading, then plan to publish by October 1.



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Reluctant Paladin is nearing publication

One final pass of editing on my middle-grade novel, Reluctant Paladin while awaiting cover art. This novel is a spin-off from my first fantasy novel, The Keepers of Éire. Reluctant Paladin is a coming of age story that blends modern-day fantasy/adventure with the emotional upheaval of dealing with bullies. Here is my back cover blurb, as of now:
All Niall wants is to stay out of trouble at his new school, but Thorin, the school bully, has other ideas. When Niall comes home sporting bruises and asking for money, his grandfather’s suspicions grow, but Niall won’t open up about his troubles. To gain Niall’s trust, his grandfather recruits him to help care for Grayson, a newborn, wingless dragonet—himself a victim of cruelty and prejudice. Niall bonds with the dragonet and swears his allegiance to the Tuatha Dragon Clan. Now he must keep the dragon clan a secret.
Thorin struggles to care for his six younger siblings while dealing with the death of his mother and the fallout brought on by his father’s grief. Too young to shoulder the burden, he grows more desperate as his father’s destructive behavior puts the family in jeopardy.
Niall endures the taunts and physical harassment until Thorin discovers Niall’s unique pendant. Then he is forced to do what is right: stand up to his fears and confront the bully in order to protect a centuries old secret—dragons really do exist!
What do you think? Does this make you want to read the book?
Here I am with my muse, Grayson:20140730-232510-84310383.jpg

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