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In keeping up with my writing goals for 2012, I have taken a short hiatus from the manuscript over the past week+. Well, not a complete work stoppage. In addition to submitting a First Line piece that also works as a flashback scene in the novel, I sent 9 photographs from my Europe trip and another prose piece to Las Positas College 2012 anthology, and a first person Tiny Lights submission. The Tiny Lights submission was an exceedingly emotional piece about when I learned of my dad’s death and how I have changed in the twenty years since. This type of writing, vastly different than my usual style, stretched my emotional storytelling to its limit. I intend to implement what I learned to write more powerful and emotional scenes.

I want to send a quick shout out to my friends and fellow writers in my editing class for all your encouragement and advice. Thanks.

Now, back to The Keepers of Éire with Devan and Christian, the Tuatha Dragon Clan, and a killer in pursuit of the dragon magic.


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