3 Poems I Want to Share

The first poem I’d like to share is in honor of the 9/11/2001 victims and their loved ones. It is a nonet poem: 9 lines with first line having 9 syllables, then 8 syllables, on down to 1 syllable.

photo. REUTERS/Sean Adair


Nineteen years ago—I will not forget

Too many lives lost, needlessly

What happened to our resolve?

Voices shout—more conflict!

Freedom isn’t free

Allow ideas

Listen more

Hold dear


The next two poems are from my proud American soul. And while I write novels set in places other than America, I am very proud and thankful to be an American.


Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom

Not just because of tea taxes and boredom

Or an act thought of as random

Conscripted our Constitution for our freedom


The opposite of captivity

Not just for the nobility

Think of the possibility

Honor your responsibility

Put an end to the hostility

Not only for posterity

But to live with civility

After all, our troops fight for our liberty!


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2 responses to “3 Poems I Want to Share

  1. Linda

    that was written so beautifully , my sista…

  2. Three inspiring patriot poems to give us hope. Thanks, Jordan.

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