Writing Update

I’m terrible at consistently updating my blog, but that’s mostly because I want to have something of interest to write about, not the some ol’ boring “I’m writing today”, or “I haven’t had a chance to write today”.

But just over two weeks ago, I once again took the NaNoWriMo challenge. NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, is where writers from around the globe challenge themselves to write 50,000 words (in some coherent sense) in the month of November. That’s 1,667 words per day, every day—come rain or come shine. La, la, la, la, la. I hear music playing.NaNoWriMo-shield-and-spelled-out

Anyway, I’m not as concerned with writing the 50,000 words, so much as I am getting back to writing everyday (or most days). I am still battling with elbow tendon repair surgery and being the president of Tri-Valley Writers (which takes some time away from my writing). But enough of the whining.

More than halfway through the month, and I have written just over 12,000 words (nowhere near where I should be). But those 12,000 words are solid. What I mean is: they are the first seven chapters of the middle-grade novel I’m writing. Of course, they will need to be edited, but not completely rewritten. Hurrah!

And, more importantly, the story is flowing well and I’m writing most days (still not everyday as I am having some major pain in my arm).

So there you have it, my writing update. I’m off to see what Niall is up to. He should be making Grayson’s (my wingless dragon from The Keepers of Éire) acquaintance in the next day or so. (check out Grayson atop Lia Fail, hanging with me in Ireland).




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7 responses to “Writing Update

  1. Karen Costa

    Yeah! Congrats on your progress…in both your writing and with your elbow!!!

  2. Awesome WriMo! Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat on the mend. I took the NaNo challenge this year as well. I’m only behind my daily goal of 1,667 by about 1,500. I celebrated all things NaNo and literacy at the Night of Writing Dangerously this last Sunday and thought of you. There was a delightful author at my table from Ireland and she introduced us to craic (crack). The NoWD was definitely craic! (To those who are interested it is an Irish term meaning great fun – or just loud – depending on your age, LOL.)
    So here’s to wishing you some craic, productive writing time and 100% healing!

  3. Just the fact that you are writing regularly is great news. I can hardly wait for your next book.

  4. !2,000 is great considering how busy you are and with your elbow hurting. Congrats. A middle-grade novel wouldn’t be 50,000 words anyway, so you’re right on target, right?

  5. Gary Lea

    Great news! I can hardly wait to read/hear your new book!

  6. Twelve thousand words is twelve thousand words further along the path to a new book than you’d be if you hadn’t done Nano. And, if you could see even a glimmer of worth in what you’ve written during the Nano challenge, you’d have something worthwhile. The fact that it feels right is marvelous. Yeah, Jordan!

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