Breaking News! I am thrilled to announce

Breaking News!
I am thrilled to announce THE KEEPERS OF ÉIRE has won the 2014 Global Ebook GOLD Award for Fantasy/Contemporary. It is an honor to have won this year, and a validation of all the work that went into writing and publishing my first novel in “The Keeper” series.
Authors know their greatest challenge is getting their work known, read, loved, and recommended to others. One predicament authors have is finding readers. And, of course, the best publicity is “word-of-mouth”. So tell your friends and neighbors to take a chance and check out a new author’s work. There are some really great writers in the world today.


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6 responses to “Breaking News! I am thrilled to announce

  1. Awesome. But no more so than the amazing book.

  2. Congratulations to a fine author, friend, and mentor.

  3. Karen Costa

    Wow Jordan!!! Congratulations, that is wonderful!

  4. I’m not surprised you won, Jordan. It’s a great book and Grayson is in it, so it had to win.

  5. My local B&N has the paperback but not the ebook. I just emailed them to get with it, well not in those words.
    This is so exciting! I’m going to get the book anyway and break my own rule of not buying paper books. No one has left a review at B&N yet so if others don’t beat me to it, it will be me!

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