Edinburgh-last day

For my last full day in Scotland, I hung out with velociraptors, thistles and needle pointers, dragons at a palace and Grayfriars Bobby. I started the day finding a real gem of a sgian dubh (dagger). Then I learned about how Scotland (and Earth) was formed and changed since the Big Bang at Our Dynamic Earth.

Then I checked out the Scottish Parliment. A major vote is coming up in September for Scotland, yet I went to view the 160 panel Great Tapestry of Scotland-fabulous! I even added some stitching to a panel that will be presented to Parliment.


Next, I visited the Palace of Holyroodhouse -where the royal family resides when they come to Edinburgh. And, I found dragons.




I touched Grayfriars Bobby’s nose (it is rumored that the Skye Terrier lay by his human’s gravesite for 14 years until he himself died in 1872 -now that’s loyalty).


And I wrapped up my day with dessert and a pint, or two, of St. Andrews Smooth at the Balmoral Hotel. Wow, what fun I’ve had.

Tomorrow I head back to Dublin for one last afternoon and evening, then I fly back home. The time has gone quickly, but I’ve reconnected with some wonderful people and made new friends along the way.
I am blessed to be able to experience some parts of the lands of my ancestors. Slainte.



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3 responses to “Edinburgh-last day

  1. I bet Grayson was excited to see so many dragons. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. You look wonderful in the last photo. The trip has been a good one just from that picture alone. Thank you for sharing it with those of us with our feet under our desks! LOL! Fly on….

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