Edinburgh: late afternoon arrival

I arrived in Edinburgh in the late afternoon on a twin-prop 80-seater regional aircraft from Dublin. The bummer: I had row 3, and the plane boarded from the rear hatch (finally get up front and I still had to walk the whole length of the plane. Oh well).
Once in town I gave a copy of my novel to Waterstones Edinburgh, then strolled along the gardens back toward my lodging. Check out these photos of Edinburgh Castle and the gardens.





Check out this Scottish Thistle.


Here is a doorman for the Barmoral Hotel.

And here is Hamish, the Assistant Manager at the Balmoral Hotel, and I. Hamish explained about the Commonwealth Games that are taking place in Glasgow for the next 10 days, then we chatted about my Scottish ancestors and I told him about my novel and he bought a copy. The Balmoral Hotel is a beautiful place with some lovely choices for beer, oh and food.

Finally, here is a photo of the mist overtaking one of the clock towers near Carlton Hill.

I’m off to sleep as I need to be up early to start my four day Isle of Skye and Highland tour. Hope to post along the way.

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July 24, 2014 · 2:13 pm

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