Dan O’Hara’s Heritage Center, the storm, and Sligo

Got to see Martin and Paula again at Dan O’Hara’s. Martin is another favorite of mine from my previous trip, he is a wonderful storyteller (I put him in the book, as himself-he was thrilled to learn this). Of course I gave a personalized copy of The Keepers of Eire to him, and I left 2 signed copies in the gift shop.
Then I retraced part of my drive to take these photos of Grace O’Malley’s castle on Ballynahinch Lake (same castle the cannon is pointing to from my walk yesterday). These were taken in the early evening. Check out the cool reflection.


A sign in the pub in Clifden: and my Galway Hooker;


The next day, the weather changed from showers with sunny spells to a major rain storm that I tried to outrace on my way to Sligo. Got caught several times in very heavy rainfall (wish I could lasso the clouds and bring them back to drought-starved California).


Finally found my night’s lodging in Sligo, only to find that I had no Internet at all. Oh well. Here are a few shots of Sligo Town and a cool sign in the Harp Pub.



I’m heading into Northern Ireland today via Ballyshannon and Donegal.

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