Summer living.

Summer living. As the weather warms and summer approaches, my thoughts invariably turn toward…birthdays. While my family has birthdays scattered throughout the year, we have a vast clump of them from May to August. The birthday parade starts with my dad (now deceased) and one of my cousins on May 11, then my oldest nephew on the 17th, and my aunt on the 25th—which we just celebrated.mMy middle nephew rounds out the month on the 30th. My sister’s entrance into the world on the 19th of June was one week shy of a birthday gift for my mom (also deceased) on the 26th. July ushers in with my uncle’s special day on the 16th, followed by my birthday on the 22nd, one of my other aunts on the 24th, and my cousin ends the July birthdays on the 26th. August sees the tapering off of the summer celebrations with just one birthday, my cousin’s on the 26th. I can almost taste the BBQ and cake now. Of course, to make up for being born so close to Christmas, my youngest nephew gets to celebrate his birthday during Sharks hockey season.

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