The Keepers of Éire is Almost Here

When last I posted, I was looking into purchasing InDesign and learning this software to format my novel. Since then, I’ve contracted out the formatting to Patricia Marshall, owner of Luminare Press. Patricia spoke at the Tri-Valley Writers September meeting and I had an informative sit-down the next day at my friend and fellow writer, Anne Koch’s Following Alice book launch. After that discussion, I decided to leave the formatting to someone who knows the nuances of InDesign. This would free me up to continue writing on book 2 in the series.

Since then, I’ve signed up to print & distribute through Lightning Source. This prompted me to start my own small publishing company, Dragon Wing Publishing. Long story short—I went about setting up the sole-proprietorship backwards. Needless to say, I have straightened it all out and am just about ready to publish.

Oh, and during that time, I reviewed the manuscript several times with each revision of the format that Patricia did. Some things didn’t transfer over quite right from MS Word to InDesign. Some things, I as the writer, didn’t catch and correct before handing (electronically) the manuscript over to Patricia. Then I asked another fellow writer and editor to look it all over and she found more edits. I had decisions to make on some of the work and sent another round of changes to Patricia.

Meanwhile, I bought ISBNs  and began the process of creating the book title with LS. My cover designer, Christine McCall uploaded the book cover to my account with LS. Just awaiting the last little tweaks with the interior formatting and I’m ready to order a proof copy. Not so fast! The special font I want for my title page and the chapter headings needs to be licensed for me to use it commercially. Whew! I think we may be good to go later today or tomorrow when Patricia finishes.

Once I order the proof, I’ll need to review it and if it’s clean, then I approve The Keepers of Éire for printing. The book will then be available, though it takes some time to get on the Ingram distribution list.

I’ll keep you updated as the book nears launch.


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6 responses to “The Keepers of Éire is Almost Here

  1. This is really exciting. When do you leave for Ireland for your book launch?

  2. Hurray for you, Jordan!! A lot of work but so very fabulous when you have the book in the hands of readers. I’m working with Patricia too and we are at the beginning whereas you are at the end. Not too long and you’ll be in Ireland.

  3. Karen Costa

    Exciting!!! I’ll be needing at least two copies! One for me and one for a client …she’s anxious to read your book too!

  4. So close you can taste it. It’s been such a joy to follow your journey.

  5. Susan Bernal

    Dear Deborah…….Congratulations!  Keep me informed.  I am so happy for you.   Susan

  6. Jordan, I am thrilled for you. I can’t wait to order my copy on Amazon and come to a book signing – you need to do one in Scottsdale, right? YOU have a place to stay when you do.

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