My Irish Journey Began Two Years Ago

Another year has passed. Yes, that’s correct, it has been two years since I boarded an airplane for my “across the pond” journey into the lands of my characters in The Keepers of Éire. I can’t adequately express my love and exuberance of that journey. The people I met were inspirational. The locations matched my dreams. I can’t wait to go back (Book Tour?).

I’ve begun work on my website:   Check it out when you get a chance. I am still adding content, so have patience.

Here’s an update on the novel: I have completed the draft and several / many revisions. My manuscript has been read like a book (cover to cover) by my critique group and several “Beta Readers”. These readers have heard bits and pieces of scenes in either my edit class or at open mic nights. Their feedback was positive and constructive. I have made additional revisions based on their insights. I am now sending the latest version to several “Cold Readers”. These readers have not heard anything about the novel other than it is a fantasy involving dragons. In other words, these readers are my target audience.

I am working on finding an editor and hope to have someone lined up soon.  My thoughts are to self-publish in the coming months. Stay tuned.

I am also working with a terrific person, Christine McCall, on the cover. With my ideas, she has already designed the front cover and we are working on the back cover.

Have a peek:

TKoE Cover


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5 responses to “My Irish Journey Began Two Years Ago

  1. I can hardly wait for publication of this great story and purchasing an autographed copy for my library. I can vouch for the story, it is a fine piece of fiction, by a fine writer.

  2. The website looks good – glad to hear about your progress toward publication!

  3. How is it possible that much time has passed? I can’t wait to hold the book!

  4. Yes–Across the pond book tour in 2014. Fabulous book cover sure to be an eyecatcher.

  5. I think I finally managed to get signed up to follow your blog and I can’t wait to start receiving emails telling me there is a new posting. By the way, the front cover is awesome.

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