Latest News – writing and more

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. I’m three weeks out from right shoulder rotator cuff surgery and haven’t even been writing during this time. My doctor says all is looking good after he “mowed the lawn and pulled the weeds”. I just hope he didn’t mow the weeds and pull the lawn.
Today I started back into the writing as I needed to review my 2 pieces that have been selected for the CWC Tri-Valley anthology due out around Christmas. I am also working on my Agent pitch. That’s a three minute pitch to agents that will draw them into wanting to represent me. Even though ‘The Keepers of Eire’ is not quite finished, I will be able to pitch my novel to the Larsen-Pomada Agency at our CWC meeting / workshop in November. So, I’m off to wow and dazzle my plot in 25 words or less and to review my Page 1. Wish me LUCK. Until next time…


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4 responses to “Latest News – writing and more

  1. Linda Todd

    Good Luck! I’m sure you will do fine. You have a great story and you are a great writer.

  2. Karen Costa

    So happy to hear your recovery is going well! Julie gave us an update Sat., when she came for her haircut. Good luck with your pitch…

  3. Karen Costa

    Oh!, and congrats on being selected for the anthology!!! I remember our conversation about that during your last haircut…

  4. Good luck! I know you’ll come up with a fabulous pitch. I love the picture heading your website, too!

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