The Keepers of Eire – Synopsis

i realized I hadn’t blogged on the synopsis for the book, so here it is:

The Keepers of Eire

Early in 21st century Ireland, four Tuatha Dragons and their human compeers are murdered. Christian, an Irishman plagued with dreams of the slayings, teams with an American woman, Devan, searching for her heritage. They travel the Emerald Isle finding clues about the murders and their destinies. Can they stop the killer before he strikes again?


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4 responses to “The Keepers of Eire – Synopsis

  1. Sounds good! I think these are always hard to write.

  2. Julaina

    Good hook and concise. Looking forward to holding the book in hand.

  3. Sounds like an excellent premise. Can’t wait to read more! I love dragons in literature. (I am the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.) Looking forward to your take on my favorite creatures!

    • Meredith,
      I too am an original GWtDT. I have one on my left shoulder blade and one on my right biceps. Hope you enjoy the travel commentary as I researched locations that my characters traveled to in The Keepers of Eire.

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