June 2 – Home


Sorry to be so far behind in posting. As you probably guessed, I’m home. Trying to get back into the swing of things after the three week trip, battling a nasty cough, and dealing with the passing of my grandmother while I was away.

I am sorting through the roughly 3500 photos and 40 video clips I shot to put together a streamlined dvd presentation.

Also, I need to get back to writing, and rewriting some scenes based on my findings on the trip! My measure of success is in knowing I will be telling my story as accurately as possible.

Thanks so much for following me on this incredible journey. I hope to continue blogging as I write, so check back often.

For those wonderful people I met along my journey: Thanks for making my experience such a fulfilling one. Keep in touch.


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3 responses to “June 2 – Home

  1. Welcome home! I love my Titanic presents!

  2. Welcome home! What was the one most surprising thing you discovered that will have an impact on your scene changes?

    • Great question.
      While I did extensive research using tour guide books, picture books, etc. before and during my writing, I found that walking the terrain gave me a different perspective. Not only will I need to tweek several scenes because the landscape is not how I pictured it (based on photos and someone else’s description), I will modify and/or create the locations of a couple scenes based on the best locations to fit the requirements for my characters (dragons and riders). There is nothing like having ‘boots on the ground’ and my ‘nose in the air’.

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