May 11

First off- Happy Birthday to my Dad, Lee Martin, even though he passed away in October 1991. I was to find out recently that my dad also wrote. Sorry to say, his writing may have been lost after his death. I know he would be proud of me and I miss him terribly.

On to more of my journey. Today for breakfast I tried white pudding & black pudding-a very popular dish (mostly in UK, but some here), that is really a sausage (think Jimmy Dean, but fattier). The black pudding, or blood pudding, is similar to white pudding except it has pig’s or lamb’s blood mixed in to give it a dark color. I didn’t bring my camera down to breakfast or I’d show you a picture. Anyway, not my favorite-I think one would need to acquire a taste for it.

I found dragons (or at least one white dragon) in the town of Clifden.

I stayed in County Galway, Connemara area because I am staying at Ballynahinch Castle tonight.

The castle grounds holds the Ballynahinch River and Ballynahinch Lake. The lake is where the third murder happens in ‘The Keepers of Eire’. Dylan and his dragon, Tierney, are murdered while Tierney is enjoying a bit of fishing. There is a lovely walk along the river that branches out to a trail around the lake. Yet, I needed to pick the spot with easy car access for my killer to load Dylan’s body after he kills him (all murder victims are taken to Newgrange at Bru na Boyne-to facilitate the passing of souls).

This spot pictured here, while not as picturesque as others, does have easy vehicle access.

Here is a picture of the river from just below my room.

Ballynahinch River from below room 9

A more picturesque view of the lake:

Tomorrow, I off to County Sligo to Carrowmore Cemetary- a bronze age cemetary where the fourth victim in the book, Mary, dies. Stay tuned for this and Newgrange.


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3 responses to “May 11

  1. Jon Bernal

    Really enjoying your photos. The lake and river look so beautiful, and I love that cold blue-grey sky, the mountains, green grass and the yellow heather – that’s the Ireland I remember! Wow … has it been 20 years since Lee passed away? I can’t believe it! He was a wonderful uncle and I still miss him. It was great to see you leaning back to kiss the blarney stone. Looks like they make it tough on you, having to bend over backwards! Your blog is so fun to keep up with. Stay safe on those narrow roads. I hope to read your novel some day.

    Love, Cousin Jon

  2. Aunt Bobbie

    Hi Debs, Your Dad would absolutely be proud … I have no doubt he’s
    on this journey with you 🙂 (May 11 Lani’s birthday, she’s 18 wow)

  3. Kathy Urban

    Wow, not too shabby for sleeping quarters. And the views…. amazing! Wish I were there to enjoy it with you.

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