Ireland-May 6

Today I toured St. Declan’s Oratory, the West Gable of Cathedral (contains carved figures depicting biblical stories), the Round Tower & Cathedral.

Then I needed to drive to the Cliff House Hotel car park and walk a path to St. Declan’s Well. In ‘The Keepers of Eire’, Conor and his dragon are murdered in front of the well.

I continued on to Cobh (pronounced Cove), where the Titanic made its last stop from Belfast before it struck an iceberg on Sunday 14 April 1912. The 100 year anniversary is closing in fast.

Driving ever westward, I finally arrived in Cork City only to proceed to get extremely lost and headed out of the city before I knew it. About 20 Km out, I was able to return to the city center and decided to pull into the Travelodge near Cork Airport. I’ll stay the night, then head out (hopefully in the right direction) for Blarney Castle & the Blarney Stone-I need the power of conferring eloquence.


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3 responses to “Ireland-May 6

  1. Jon Bernal

    Debbie: Dad and Mom told me about your travels, your book and your blog! Wow! This is so NEAT! I’ve had the good fortune to travel a bit in Ireland myself, but that was 30 years ago and I was only in Dublin for a few days and then in Inch for a while. Just looking at the pictures, the milk-blue sky and the ancient stone buildings (not to mention the pubs), makes me want to go back. I love looking at the pictures. You look great and happy as can be – and who wouldn’t be, with all that great food and the Guinness … my God … the GUINNESS!!! (Can you tell I’m jealous?). Anyway, stay safe. I will be living vicariously through your blog! – love, Cousin Jon.

  2. Susan

    So happy all is going well ……dreams do come true.


  3. Julaina

    Hopefully you saw some interesting countryside while you were lost.

    Wow, to see the spot where Conor and his dragon were murdered…you are in your novel!!!

    I hope the weather is good now. I’m enjoying your posts.

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