Ireland-Day 2 (continued)

For two days I couldn’t access the Celtic Lodge’s WiFi (Problem on their end), so I had to find a spot to email and blog from. That was O’Neill’s Pub last night while I had dinner (Shepard’s Pie & Guinness).

After dinner, I finally was able to stay awake, so I headed out for some Irish music & craic (fun & socializing-pronounced as crack). I didn’t get far, next door to my hotel, at The Celt Bar. Great music, great fun. While sharing a counter area with two great Dubliners (Ronan & George) out to celebrate Ronan’s birthday, I was initiated into the pub – some other bloke dumped his whole pint of stout (Guinness) all over my back. Like I said, great times! Ha Ha! George even asked if I wanted him to kick the guy’s arse, I declined. Anyway, talked up the book with my two new friends. Hi George & Ronan, if you’re checking in.

Oh, by the way, all this took place after I couldn’t tour the Guinness brewery because of the bomb threat. My only guess as to why is someone didn’t want the Queen Mum to know how much Guinness is consumed per day. Ha Ha!


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2 responses to “Ireland-Day 2 (continued)

  1. Linda Vierra

    love the pics of your 2 new ‘friends’ and you. You look GREAT!. your updates are perfect….

  2. Kathy Urban

    I’m glad to see you’re having such a good time, even with beer down your back. I love the Queen Mum comment!

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