Dublin, Ireland

Having issues with WiFi at hotel, so I’m sitting in O’Neill’s Pub having dinner and a Guinness using their WiFi. Only, their sessions only last 20 minutes, so tody’s postings may be broken up. Tried to go to Guinness Storehouse tour this afternoon, but they had a bomb scare and closed the place. Will try again when I’m back in Dublin in 10 days time.

Palace Bar: 3 May 2011    Publican & Me

Tomorrow I’m off to Waterford County and the dreaded rental car. Everyone says to make sure I get the maximum insurance-not the most reassuring of prospects, but I will forge onward.

Just as I am due to fly out to Scotland, the Queen Mum is due to arrive here. This will be the first time in 100 years that the Monarch has officially visited Ireland. You can imagine the hub-bub happening around Dublin in preparation for this momentus occasion. There were cleaning and polishing Dublin Castle on my visit earlier today.

My time’s up, so until next time.


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3 responses to “Dublin, Ireland

  1. Bomb threat…you are in Dublin – Ireland that is…

  2. Wheee! You’re there! Bomb threats and all. But come on… who would seriously bomb the Guinness storehouse?!

  3. JD

    Whoo-hoo Jordan!! Ireland sounds and looks fantastic. So do you in that pub picture! This is JD (fellow caretaker of RR), signing in & signing off. Big hugs, VERY excited for you. Just dodge the bombs & you will be ok! Cheers mate!

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